Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feed a kid, change their world?

While in Swaziland, we had the privilege of hearing from World Vision Swaziland's national director Solomon Mariam on the issues and opportunities that lie before them. He had great insight into this country's unique balance of tradition and desire for change.

World Vision recognizes that the long-term sustainability of the programs and projects they implement to address food security, clean water, education, health or economic enterprise must be owned by the local government at some point. So they are adapting and growing their development model to expand on current partnerships, helping provide education, equipping, and empowerment of the local government where needed.  The hope is that at the end of a development cycle (15-19 years), the local community is prepared to continue to drive and develop programs and oversee any infrastructure that has been put in place during that time.

Where you might have previously invested in World Vision because of your interest in making a difference in a child's life (a great thing in and of itself), it could be said that your sponsorship also enables World  Vision to make a difference in the government of a child's community, province, maybe even country - providing long-term improvements not only for your sponsored child, but many others in that community. That's a pretty good return on your money - feed a kid for $1/day, change their world forever.